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  1. Decoded Atlantis E Liquid

    This will remind you of that vacation you always wanted with the fruity drinks on some beach far,far away.
  2. Decoded Big Foot E Liquid

    Who doesn’t love mini donuts? Well Bigfoot is those perfect little bites of deliciousness with a hint of sugar. Yummmm!!
  3. Decoded Davinci E Liquid

    A buttery pecan brulee to keep those dessert lovers happy and in love with this flavour.
  4. Decoded Area51 E Liquid

    Experience this tropical delight with mango, lychee and papaya.
  5. Decoded Loch Ness E Liquid

    Peaches and Cream Yogurt tastes like then nows your chance
  6. Decoded RongoRongo E Liquid

    A weird but absolutely phenomenal blend of fresh Strawberries, cucumber and citrus.


6 Item(s)